2023 Coombelands Equestrian Young Horse League Championship

Coombelands Equestrian in association with The Billy Stud Auction & Equine America, Thakeham, Equitogs, Harwoods, Cassidy Sport Horses and Warren & Partners are pleased to announce a new Young Horse Series for 2023.

During June and July at our seven Category 2 shows we will be running qualifiers for the Coombelands Young Horse League in the following classes, the final of which will be held at our Coombelands Equestrian  Young Horse Championship on Tuesday 8th August where the total prize fund will be £12,500.

  • The Senior Newcomers/1.10m Open incorporating The Billy Stud Auction & Equine America 5yo Star Of The Future Coombelands League Qualifier
  • The Senior Foxhunter/1.20m Open incorporating The Billy Stud Auction & Equine America 6yo Star Of The Future Coombelands League Qualifier
  • The National 1.30m Open incorporating The Thakeham 7yo Star Of The Future Coombelands League Qualifier

Points will be awarded to the top ten placed aged horses at these shows from 1st June to 31st July 2023. This is based on horse and rider combinations only. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st 10 points 2nd 9 points 3rd 8 points 4th 7 points 5th 6 points 6th 5  points 7th 4 points 8th 3 points 9th 2 points 10th 1 point

To win the Coombelands Points League in these age classes the winner must compete at the final to be held on 8th August where double points will be awarded. Non attendance will mean prizes pass down the line to those in attendance.

Prizes for each class of the League will be £500 to the winner, £300 to the second and £200 to the third together with a sponsored rug and sash to the winner.

There will also be a prize for the highest placed Billy Stud bred horse in the 5yo and 6yo championship classes.

Running alongside these classes in June and July will also be qualifiers for the Harwoods 1.40m Championship with a first prize of £1,000 to be run on 8th August, combinations must have jumped in two 1.40 classes at Coombelands during June and July to qualify to enter for this class.

If you would be interested in sponsoring or having a trade stand presence at the final on 8th August, please do contact us.



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